Monday, November 9, 2009

Banking on Time

Free time... what does that really mean? Now that I have been "laid off"...I supposedly have "time to be free". I knew this job was ending and I saw it as an opportunity to finish the many art projects I started in the last six months. No one has to give suggestions, I have tons of unfinished business to tend to, letters and resumes to send out and a long line of emails and phone calls. The first week I was off I literally was overwhelmed with prioritizing and figuring out what project to tackle first. And my son, he is definitely benefiting from a less stressed out, at home Mom who is there when he gets home and cooks solid meals everyday. Another bonus I get to practice my cooking skills, another item on my life's to do list.

That said... what's the rub? Well it can't go on like this forever. I have to find insurance, rebuild my savings, look for work and be prepared if it takes well into next year to find it. That's the rub. But for now... at least until the end of 2009, I intend to enjoy my " free time" working on my art, feeding my child and every now and then beginning and finishing a thought.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here in Los Angeles, located in the Mid Wilshire District, is a living treasure. Set back far from the street sharing space with other fine galleries is the space that belongs to Daniel Weinberg.

I worked for Mr. Weinberg while in graduate school in his San Fransisco location. I have stayed in touch him over the years and have grown to respect not only his incredible eye and skilled curating but also his kind heart.
I am never disappointed when I attend one of his openings. His artist are talented, intelligent and come from all over the world. I like to chat with Daniel about the art world, politics etc.But I learn so much from him simply by witnessing his shows.
The layouts are always sparse and well thought out. One piece compliments the other perfectly. If there is an "argument" or "noise" between pieces, it's on purpose. I have notice that it's always quiet in the gallery, this is not an accident. People do hold lively discussions...but somehow the instinctively know to take them outside. I hope to experience his genius for many years to come.
If you haven't, you should.

Monday, September 21, 2009


On July 29th of this year, we lost one the most important private collections of modern black art in the world. Peggy Copper Cafritz lost her home and everything she owned including over 300 pieces of work by African and African American art. Ms.Cafritz had just been featured in "O" magazine a few months before the fire. She was described as"...An influential Washington arts and education activist who in 1968 cofounded a summer arts workshop that became D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts."I was horrified when I learned of this tragic lost, sadden to my core.
Not just because of the great loss, but because until a friend on the east coast told me the story...
I had never heard of her.

How is it that a black woman with a masters in fine art isn't aware of someone like Ms. Cafritz.
I couldn't believe I had never heard of her, or of the collection or the school. Why is it the the news wasn't everywhere in the art community. A community here in Los Angeles that I am definitely apart of. It tells me that there is much work to be done in this area.
Gotta go, I will run with this later.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who invented this Crit?

Today I am meeting with other alumni from CCA ( formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) for with the intention participating in a critique group. I look forward to this for many reasons. It is always good to have fresh eyes on your work. Sometimes friends and family just tell you what you want to hear. I prefer a little distance with my spankings and praising. I am not even sure they'll appreciate my work, we did not attend CCA at the same time and most of them are graphic artist.

Another reason that I am excited is that I want to learn more about graphic and graphic programs. I want to do a website and I know someone there will help me. Our host is an wonderful designer Ela Boyd... don't know if I can afford her. Images melt, dance and bleed into and away from moving images and text. Sounds busy but it's actually quite simple to use and
very informative. The colors are like toys your eyes can play with... I'm exicited.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ORIGINALLY... I wanted my blog to deal mainly with the arts and design. A form for free expression of ideas. But before I can address the arts today, I have to address the persistence of racism. On the way to see a play with a friend of mine, I suggested that we first have a (thank god it's Friday) drink at one of my favorite establishments. It is a quaint restaurant and bar in a very small but very exclusive hotel hidden behind trees in Beverly Hills. It is high end and frequented by stars and politicians and traveling business men and women. But what I like about it is wouldn't know it. It is so gentle, easy and down to earth that no one is checking out anyone else. No name dropping, no reporters
and on a warm evening you might even see children swimming in the kidney shaped pool which is the main attraction in this poolside restaurant. The other thing I enjoy, the mix of the clientele, old , young, black , white, basically every race is represented. LOVELY. And here in this shangrila, I have never felt singled out, insulted or even noticed.

That is until last Friday. Our greeter was wonderful, the water on the pool was completely still, it was serene. Then our waitress approached and ask if we knew what we'd like.
She looked only at my friend, a white woman and did not look at me until she saw me staring at her. I told her we weren't ready and then let that issue go... maybe she was having a bad day, she looked harm, no fowl. When she returned she again only addressed my friend and when I started to ask a question she sharply said "excuse me" and continued to list the special for my friend, who had already given her drink order and did not ask to hear the specials. When she was done she just stood there looking at me.
I asked her in a polite voice"are you ready for me" she said yes. I ordered a Pimms and she let out a little gasp in surprise. It was a happy gasp. Again I overlooked it. I sat and talked with my friend, we laughed and I ordered an appetizer and flirted a little with the handsome man in dreads sitting behind us. When she came to pick up the check she again addressed only my friend" Do you need any change?" Innocent question...wrong customer! I had paid the check, I was treating my friend who looked at waitress not understanding her and not knowing what to say.I had of course had it by now , I looked at her and said very directly" The change would be mine...and no.. I don't need any. The young girls mouth swung open. She looked to be of Indian decent and was obviously embarrassed, her shadow picked up the plates and walked away, she looked like she wanted to say sorry,but said nothing . Perhaps it was the eye roll I gave her. This is 2009 right, just checking.

Anyway, I would like to sing the praises of a one man show at the Beverly Hills Playhouse tittled,"Did You Do Your Homework?"The star and writer , a Mr A.Braxton was amazing
the last time I saw an actor slide in and out of characters and emote that quickly I was in San Francisco watching Anna De Veer Smith ( did I spell that right). This man is incredible and his writing was honest, insightful and instructive. I absolutely loved his performance. It is about his days working as a substitute teacher in the inner city and our broken educational system. Sounds is at times but it was mostly an inspirational journey. Please go see it! This play is headed for Broadway...mark my word.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My black eye

Day one.

Please join me as I explore

issues relating to







and race.

I have an eye

I have an opinion

I have a voice